ACCB wildlife and Kulen waterfall (C1)

See the biggest Kulen Mountain attractions in one day!
Learn about Cambodian wildlife at the ACCB conservation center. Admire incredible cliffside views at Poeng Ta Kho. See 8 meter carved in stone reclining Buddha at Preah Ang Thom. Visit sacred  1000 Lingas river with river bed carvings that lasted for hundreds of years. Enjoy a refreshing swim at the Kulen Waterfall

Highlights: Angkor Center for Conservation of Biodiversity, Poeng Ta Kho cliff viewpoint, Preah Ang Thom Pagoda, 1000 Lingas Temple, Kulen Waterfall.

Siem Reap and Kulen mountain (C2)

See some of the biggest ancient temples outside of Angkor!
Venture outside of Siem Reap to see one the biggest temples in Siem Reap area – Prasat Beng Mealea. Visit stone masonry place of O Thmor Dab, where it is believed that stone masons cut sandstone to build Angkor Wat. See and experience on of the biggest in the region and still active Hindu meditation center at Peung Kom Nuo. Wonder around ancient temple remains at Bantey Ampil and Chaw Srei Vibol.

Highlights: Prasat Beng Mealea temple, O Thmor Dab, Peung Kom Nuo meditation center, Banteay Ampil Temple, Chaw Srei Vibol Temple

Angkor (C3)

Be amazed by one the incredible capital of Khmer Empire – Angkor.
Wonder around the biggest religious building in the world Angkor Wat. Admire unique architecture and gates built specifically to fit elephants at Tonle Om Gate. Lear about Angkor Thom – considerably one of the biggest cities in the world at it’s prime time. Admire how jungles have overgrown Ta Nei and Ta Phrom temples over past hundreds of years.

Highlights: Angkor Wat temple, Tonle Om Gate (South Gate), Angkor Thom city, Bayon temple, Ta Nei Temple, Ta Prohm Temple.

Siem Reap and Chrev countryside (C4)

Venture to the rural Siem Reap and learn about Cambodian way of living!
On this one day tour you will be learning about local crafts and livelihood at the local market, see the religious way of Monks life at Wat Pren monastery, as well as learn about history Totung Thngai and Trapeang Phong temples.

Highlights: Local Market, Wat Pren monastery, Totung Thngai Temple, Trapeang Phong Temple, Chrev Village.

Siem Reap and Floating village (C5)

See most popular temples outside of Angkor and visit the floating village.
Perfect one day tour for those who wish to explore Angkorian period temples around Siem Reap and Kulen Mountain as well as see the unique lifestyle of Kampong Phluk villagers and fishermen who have been living on stilt houses by Tonlé Sap lake for many generations.

Highlights: Prasat Beng Mealea, O Thmor Dab, Banteay Ampil Temple, Chao Srei Vibol Temple, Kampong Phluk lake village


ACCB and Kulen waterfall (C6)

Spend two days exploring Kulen Mountain attractions!
This tour is great for those who wish to see the main highlights of the Kulen National Park and spend one night camping with picturesque Kulen Mountain and distant rice field views! You will see ancient temples and sacred rivers, learn about Cambodian wildlife and conservation programs, spend the night at Kulen Campsite and relax with a refreshing swim at Kulen Waterfall.

Day 1: Prasat Banteay Srei, Angkor Center for Conservation of Biodiversity, Poeng Ta Kho, Kulen campsite.
Day 2: Wat Anglong Thom, Peung Tbal, Preah Ang Thom, 1000 Lingas temple, Kulen Waterfall.

Svay Leu and Kulen waterfall (C7)

Spend two days at Kulen Mountain exploring main tourist attractions and 10km jungle to the ancient temple remains.
One of our most active 2 days Classic tour, which includes not only the main mountain highligts but also 10km hike across the jungle to hidden locations temple remains and with a rewarding finish at Kulen Waterfalls.

Day 1: Prasat Beng Mealea Temple, O Thmor Dab stone masonry, Peung Kom Nuo center, Kulen campsite.
Day 2: Wat Anglong Thom Temple, Jungle temples, Preah Ang Thom Pagoda, 1000 Lingas Temple, Kulen waterfall.


Svay Leu, Kulen waterfall
and ACCB Wildlife (C8)

If you want to see all best places that Kulen Mountain with 3 days then is the best tour for you! This tour offers:
 – exploring some of most astonishing temples of the region,
 – visiting sacred religious places which are worshiped to this day
 – admiring Kulen Mountain nature and wildlife
 – AND staying overnight at two breathtaking locations of Kulen Campsite and Kulen Waterfall.

Day 1: Chaw Srei Vibol, Banteay Ampil, Prasat Beng Mealea, Peung Kom Nuo, Kulen Campsite.
Day 2: Wat Anglong Thom, Peung Tbal, Jungle temples, Kulen Waterfall.
Day 3: 1000 Lingas, Poeng Ta Kho, ACCB wildlife center, Banteay Srei.

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